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Faculty, researchers, and students generally own copyright in their scholarly or educational work at UT, as subject to the exceptions stated in the UT System Regents' Rules and Regulations, General Rules for Intellectual Property, Series 90101. Therefore faculty, researchers, and students who own copyrights in their works will retain their copyright copyrights while granting non-exclusive rights to UT Austin and the Texas Digital Library (TDL) when submitting their work to Texas ScholarWorks (TSW).

Copyright owners will grant non-exclusive rights to UT Austin and TDL to copy, display, perform, distribute, and publish their submitted work within copyright law or any applicable license agreement as part of a UT Austin or TDL repository communication or distribution effort. Copyright owners will also grant UT Austin and TDL the non-exclusive right to migrate their work to various formats as needed in perpetuity for preservation and usability. The UT Libraries will manage these non-exclusive rights granted to UT Austin and TDL.

When submitting a work to TSW, submitters will be asked to warrant:




If a thesis or dissertation has a patent pending, the author has the option to request an embargo


 on display and distribution rights through TSW and TDL's online repository. Please see the Office of Graduate Studies website for more information about embargoes.

Some works may not fit the warranties or options described above. If so, the submitter should in the license below. A common example of this is a journal article authored by a UT faculty member or researcher, but with copyright of that article owned by a publisher. In those cases, it can be possible to submit an earlier version of the article to TSW. If you have something that does not fit the warranties below, please contact the Repository Curator for further licensing other options.

This Copyright Statement The TSW Deposit License below will be presented to a submitter as a click-through license during the submission process or via email prior to mediated deposit.


TSW Deposit License

I grant the University of Texas at Austin ("Institution"), my academic department ("Department"), and the Texas Digital Library ("TDL") the non-exclusive rights to copy, display, perform, distribute and publish the content I submit to this repository ("Work") and to make the Work available in any format in perpetuity as part of an Institution, Department, or TDL repository communication or distribution effort.

I understand that once the Work is submitted, a bibliographic citation reference to the Work will may remain visible in perpetuity, even if the Work is updated or removed at the discretion of the Institution, Department, or TDL.

I understand that the Work's copyright owner(s) will continue to own copyright outside these non-exclusive granted rights.