Shiftplanning - Proctor Quick Start - How to trade shifts

Go to

You will have to log in and or setup your password to complete the log in process

You should of gotten an email asking you to log on and create a password. If you didn't get a email check with the lab manager and scheduler.

Once logged in go to Dashboard or Shiftplanning

To trade a shift you cannot work, go to the list in the top right of the dashboard.

Next to each of your listed shifts click on Details to bring up a new menu

Or you can click on Shiftplanning and click on the colored shift you want to trade to bring up a new menu.

Shift Details will come up and make sure this is the shift you wanna trade

Click on >Can't Work

Choose to Trade or Release the Shift

Trade Shift Details


From here, you can choose to trade your shift for someone else's.

Release Shift Details

In order to make this process easier, you can go to the >Dashboard>

availability Button on the left before you begin.

This screen will let you select times that you cannot fill in for someone else during.

If you've filled out your availability, the list you're given to select a shift to trade is narrowed to match what you are able to swap.