CMB 4.130 TV Production Control Room - Remote Mac - Show Skype Interview on air

Go to >Apple>
System Preferences

Choose Sound

Choose Input

Choose Output tab and select

Headphones or not sure but it might be

Set the Output volume to a lower level as the volume will ultimately be adjusted on the Wheatstone Audio board

Launch Skype from applications folder

Sign Into your Skype Account

Go to >Skype>

Go to the Audio/Video tab

Select Microphone>

Ringing Built-in Output (Headphones)

Speakers Built-in Output (Headphones)

Camera FaceTime HD Camera

*Set Volume Slider to ½*
Level on the scale

To add a new contact to call on Skype choose Add Contact

Type in the persons phone or skype name and choose Find

Select the person you would like to call and make a "Video Call"

Or go to Contacts and choose "Video Call"

Mic is called Skype 1 on the Wheatstone Board

Turn it on to hear the person on the Skype Call

To speak to talent press the PUSH button on the Remote Mac & Phone Talkback MIC


Make sure the light is green.