Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Create a Backup of your Project Using the Project Manager - Consolidate Files

Select the project timeline that you want to backup in the Project Window

Go to >File>Project Manager

Choose the sequence you want to backup

Resulting Project will be to Consollidate the project to copy it to another backup drive or storage

choose to

Copy Files to a New Location

Exclude Unused Clips

Include Handles ex: 100-150 frames

Rename Media Files to Match clip Names
Destination Path

Browse to the location you want to back the files up to

Make a New folder on the hard drive so it is more organized

Select the folder and click on "Choose"

You can click on Calculate to tell you how much disk space the backup will need.
Then click OK to start the backup

Save the project by clicking Yes here

Project Manager will start copy/backup process

To test the backup unmount all the original drives except the one with the backup on it and open the premiere project to make sure it worked.