Travel Vouchers

When UT employees and (graduate) students travel on behalf of the university, using UT funds, travel must be officially authorized. The following vouchers are used in Define as part of the travel authorization process.

Section on VE5 (RTA):

VE5s are also often referred to as RTAs because they are the voucher that is submitted when someone wants to Request Travel Authorization (RTA).

*A note on TAR (Travel Authorization Requests) – For ease of submitting RTAs, some units choose to have the traveler fill out a TAR to make sure all the proper information is communicated to the person who will process the RTA in Define. Please note here that RTAs and TARs are different, though they are a part of the same process. Find more about the TAR here.

Link to webcast Travel Authorizations VE5 (51min)

VE5 slides used in the webcast training.

This VE5 example video will walk you through how to create and submit a VE5.

Section on VE6:

VE6s are used when a VE5 has already been submitted and approved, but something needs to be changed. For example, if you need to add a different account number that will be used to pay for the travel, you would submit a VE6 to have this updated.

Link to webcast Travel Authorization Corrections VE6 (27min)

VE6 Slides used in the webcast training.

Section on VP5:

VP5s are used after travel has finished and the traveler needs to be reimbursed for various expenses that were covered with personal funds.

*A note on TRR (Travel Reimbursement Requests) – Similar to the TAR, some units choose to use the TRR system to have the traveler submit all their receipts, documentation, etc. for ease of processing the VP5. Find more about the TRR here.

This VP5 example video will walk you through how to submit a VP5 in Define.

Link to webcast Travel Vouchers VP5 (47min)

VP5 Slides used in the webcast training.

More information on these vouchers can be found in this VE5_VE6_VP5 handout from Accounting and Financial Management (AFM).