Science Rules & Options for Non-Science Majors - Theatre and Dance Majors

Science Options for Non-Majors 

Some major's level Science courses (in black) have seats available to non-majors, but courses designed for non-science majors are in blue bold.  

Note: Marine Science (MNS 307 & 308) and Nutrition (NTR 306) are not in blue bold, but have been taken by non-majors.

Please check the course schedule for options available each semester.   For Course Descriptions: Review the Course Descriptions Catalog & Course Syllabi from previous semesters.  

Non-major Science courses with QR flag, if noted on course schedule: GRG 404E, AST 301, CH 301N, PS 303, CS 302, CS 303E

Students may take with appropriate prereqs (some exceptions based on other majors):

9 hours in any field of Science from Science Part I 

OR 6 hours in any field of Science from Science Part I & 3 hours from Science Part II

How to Find Core Courses

Use Search OPTION 3 (Core Curriculum) on the course schedule to find core courses. 

Science Course Rules