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This page is for Theatre and Dance majors.NON-Majors, please refer to this page for information.Please notify Mark-Anthony if any links on this page need to be updated.


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Theatre and Dance Undergraduate Advisor Information 
Contact, Availability, Appointments

Theatre and Dance Department Information
Directory, Room Reservations, Tickets

College of Fine Arts Information
Graduation, Career Services, Office of Student Affairs

Courses - Adding, Dropping & Withdrawal Deadlines & Procedures

Registration & Registration Advising Information

Post-Registration Information - Check Classes, Grades, GPA, Canvas, Paying Tuition

University Resources 
Campus Safety, Counseling & Mental Health, Chosen Name, Disability & Access, Health Services, Update Email, Financial Aid, UT ID Card, Student Emergency Services

The MyUT Website has many resources available for students.

Theatre and Dance Undergraduate Advisor Information

Mark-Anthony Zuniga, Senior Academic Advisor
Department of Theatre and Dance, College of Fine Arts

Advisor Contact Information
If the answer to your question is not found in this wiki, T&D majors are welcome to contact me for advising assistance. 

Students with Advising Inquiries: (please include your EID in emails)


Office Location
F. Loren Winship Drama Building, Room 1.118

Appointments & Availability
Availability is subject to change without advance notice depending upon daily workflow.

  • Availability DURING Summer  Mid-May to 1st day of classes
    • Email for quick questions or schedule a Zoom meeting.
  • Availability BEFORE Registration Advising periods - Fall or Spring semester (Last week of February & September limited availability)
    • Mondays & Fridays:
      Email for quick questions or schedule a Zoom meeting. 

    • Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays:
      Email or Call for quick questions, or schedule a meeting.
  • Availability DURING Registration Advising periods - March, April, October & November 
    Please review the Registration Advising Info below for how to remove the T&D (COFA) registration hold & to schedule an advising session.

Registration Information

  • Registration Advising Information
  • Schedule Planner - Search for, create and save a variety of personalized schedule options based on your preferred courses and scheduling breaks.
  • Secure Academic Notes (SAN) is a secure environment in which UT staff can communicate confidential information concerning you and your academic record (FERPA-sensitive information) in a message.

Registration Forms

  • Time Conflict Override - For students wanting to add a T D course that slightly overlaps with another course. 
  • Graduate T D Course - Please contact Mark-Anthony for requirements to enroll in a graduate TD course.


  • Canvas - Canvas updates overnight when classes are changed.

Core Curriculum Courses

  • Core Options PDF

Core Curriculum Flags

  • Center for the Skills & Experience Flags Website

T&D Degree Audits, Degree Guides & Sample 4-Year Plans

BFA Sample 4-Year Plans

BFA Degree Guidelines

BA Theatre and Dance Sample 4-Year Plans

BA Degree Guidelines

  • T&D Course Substitution Petition - Please contact Mark-Anthony to find out if course substitutions are available.

Additional Basic Education Requirement (BA only)

Theatre and Dance Course Information

Theatre and Dance Department Information

Department of Theatre and Dance Website:

Main Office Location: 
F. Loren Winship Drama Building, Room 1.142
300 East 23rd Street, Austin, TX 78712


  • Tickets for Theatre and Dance Majors
  • Room Reservations: ArtsVision - For T&D majors who wish to request a room in the Winship building.

Minors, Certificates, Other Fine Arts Courses

  • Arts Management & Administration Minor

  • Fine Arts Course Options

Course Credits, Transfer Courses & Transcripts Information

Transfer Courses

  • University Extension Courses - University Extension (UEX) offers a variety of flexible course options for individuals seeking to earn academic credit from The University of Texas at Austin.

Course Credits

    • GOV 310L AP Texas Exam: For students who scored a 3 and above on their AP Government exam
    • RHE 306 TSI Essay: Optional for some first-year students who don't expect credit for RHE 306 from AP/IB/SAT/Dual Credit


  • Getting UT Transcript / Enrollment Verification

College of Fine Arts Information

  • Fine Arts Course Options

University Resources

  • Campus Safety Information
    Active Shooter Response Guide, Building Access and Security, Campus Closures, Emergency Communications & Terms, Safety Hubs on Campus, Safety Apps, Sirens, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Trainings
  • Behavior Concerns Advice LineBCAL )
    Are you worried about a student you know, bothered that your roommate has been acting differently, or concerned about the behavior of a co-worker? If so, call BCAL 512-232-5050 or share your concerns online.

  • Chosen Name: Update your Chosen Name - If you designate a chosen name it will be displayed on the following, including:  Class rosters, ID cards, Canvas, UT Directory, Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) and Registration Information Sheet (RIS).
  • Disability and Access Information
    D&A ensures students with disabilities have equal access to their academic experiences at the University of Texas at Austin by determining eligibility and approving reasonable accommodations.
  • Email: Update your UT Email Address
    If you change your official email address after the 12th day of classes, please email Mark-Anthony to update the Theatre and Dance email list as well.  
  • Student Emergency Services 
    Our office helps students and their families during difficult or emergency situations. Assistance includes outreach, class absence notifications, advocacy, intervention, support, student emergency funds and referrals to relevant campus and community resources. 
    • Emergency situations include but are not limited to: Missing Student, Family Emergency. Fire or Natural Disaster, Medical or Mental Health Concern, Academic difficulties due to crisis or emergency situations, Interpersonal Violence (stalking, harassment, physical and/or sexual assault)
    • UT Outpost is the free on-campus food pantry and career closet for all currently enrolled students at UT Austin. 
  • Student Success Help Desk
    The Student Success Help Desk may help students stay on track to graduate and offers students assistance enrolling in classes required to fulfill degree requirements. 

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T&D Degree Audits, Degree Guides & Sample 4-Year Plans

Sample 4-Year PlansDegree Guidelines

How to Run a Degree Audit

T&D Course Substitution Petition - Please contact Mark-Anthony to find out if course substitutions are available.

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