General Culture - Additional Basic Education Requirement (BA Theatre and Dance)

General Culture Notes

  • The General Culture course may not satisfy both Core and the General Culture requirement. Degree Audits will fill lacking Core requirements first.

Example: AMS 310 Intro to American Studies is an acceptable prefix, but this course can satisfy the Core U.S.History requirement. This is noted with the "HI" icon on the course schedule.

So, if you're lacking 3 hours of Core U.S. History, this AMS 310 course will only satisfy that Core History requirement.

If you opt to complete AMS 310 for Core History and later decide to take a 3rd Core History course, AMS 310 can move into the General Culture requirement. 

  • The General Culture course may not satisfy both T&D Major and the General Culture requirement.

  • Courses outside the Department of Theatre and Dance that are cross-listed with T D courses may not be used to fulfill the General Culture requirement.  
    Cross-listed courses are identified as "Same As: T D XXXX" at the bottom of the course description after you click on the unique number on the course schedule.

  • The General Culture course can satisfy both a Minor (or second major) and the General Culture requirement. 

General Culture Department Prefixes and Subjects

Please check the course schedule for potential "open" options and prerequisites.

AASAsian American Studies
AFRAfrican and African Diaspora Studies
AHCAncient History and Classical Civilization
AMSAmerican Studies
ANSAsian Studies
ARHArt History (for 2022-2024 or newer catalogs only)
C CClassical Civilization
C LComparative Literature
CLSCultural Studies
CMSCommunication Studies (only until 2022-2024 or older catalogs)
EUSEuropean Studies
F CFrench Civilization
GSDGerman, Scandinavian, and Dutch Studies
ISLIslamic Studies
ITCItalian Civilization
J SJewish Studies
LASLatin American Studies
MASMexican American Studies
MDVMedieval Studies
MESMiddle Eastern Studies
PRCPortuguese Civilization
R SReligious Studies
REERussian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
SPCSpanish Civilization
WGSWomen’s and Gender Studies