Community College Transferable Courses - Theatre and Dance Majors

Do I need permission from UT Austin to take a class at another college?

No, not at this time.  

How do I know if a course will transfer into UT as a specific course and satisfy a degree requirement?

By using the Automated Transfer Equivalency System (ATE), you can find out how a course transfers into UT from a Texas Public Institution. 

Please use the Student Planner before you take the course to verify the course will transfer into UT and satisfy a degree requirement. 

    • Example on how to search for a course and see if it satisfies a degree requirement is located here.

What if I want to take a course in a different state?

You may request transfer credit evaluations for courses by filling out and submitting the Texas Admissions Pre-Evaluation Form

Where can I take some college 
courses in Austin?

The institution I want to take classes at is requesting a UT transcript, how do I get one?

Please visit the Texas One Stop website for information.  

How do I transfer the course credit back to UT Austin?

After you’ve completed the course, please send an official transcript from that institution to the UT Office of Admissions. 
Courses in which grades lower than C− are earned do not transfer.  Grades from transfer credit (except UEX courses) are excluded from a student's UT Austin GPA computation.

What are some possible transferrable course options from Texas Community Colleges for UT Core 

Below are some potential options, but not all courses may be offered at the other college.  

Equivalents may vary for each College and may not satisfy UT Core requirements, so please use the Student Planner before you take the course. (see second question above for instructions)

Satisfies Which RequirementTexas Common Course Numbering SystemUT Transfer Credit Equivalency
English Composition RHEENGL1301RHE 306 Rhetoric and Writing
English Composition WritingENGL1302

RHE 309J/309K Writing Course Title Varies 
(not required for T&D majors, TD 311C satisfies this requirement)

Foreign LanguagesPlease refer to Foreign Language Transfer Course Options page.
GovernmentGOVT2301GOV 310L American Government
GOVT2302GOV 312L Issues & Policies in American Government
GOVT2305*GOV 305C Federal Government (formerly GOV 3US)
GOVT2306*GOV 306C Texas Government (formerly GOV 3TX)
*Students who take both GOVT 2305 & GOVT 2306 will satisfy the 6 hours UT GOV requirement. Please refer to GOV course pairings page for additional info.

History (U.S. History)

HIST1301HIS 315K United States 1492-1865
HIST1302HIS 315L United States Since 1865
HIST2301HIS 3TX Texas History
HIST2327HIS 317L Mexican-American History 1
HIST2328HIS 314K Mexican-American History 2
HIST2381HIS 317L African-American History 1


ENGL2321/2322/2323E 316L British Literature
ENGL2326/2327/2328E 316M American Literature
ENGL2331/2332/2333E 316N World Literature

Human Development for UTeach

PSYC2308PSY 304 Intro to Child Psychology
PSYC2316PSY 309 Personality
TECA1354HDF 313 Child Development


MATH1332M 302 Intro to Mathematics
MATH2312/2412M 305G/405G Preparation for Calculus
MATH2313/2413M 308K/408K Differential Calculus
MATH1342/1442SDS 301/401 Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH1314*M 301 College Algebra
* MATH 1314 typically doesn't satisfy Math if taken after attending UT or transferred from a private or out-of-state school.

Social & Behavioral Science

ANTH2351ANT 302 Cultural Anthropology
ECON2301ECO 304L Macroeconomics
ECON2302ECO 304K Microeconomics
GEOG1302GRG 305 This Human World: Intro to Geography
PSYC2301PSY 301 Intro to Psychology
PSYC2306PSY 306 Intro to Human Sexuality
SOCI1301SOC 302 Intro to Study of Society
SOCI1306SOC 307E Contemporary U.S. Social Problems
SOCI2301SOC 307C American Families Past and Present
TECA 1303HDF 304 Family Relationships
Science & Technology

ASTR/PHYS1303/1403AST 301 Introduction to Astronomy
ASTR/PHYS1304/1404AST 309S The Solar System

ANTH2301ANT 301 Biological Anthropology
ANTH2302ANT 304 Intro to Archaeological Studies

BIOL1306/1406BIO 311C Introductory Biology 1 (Major's level at UT)
BIOL1307/1407BIO 311D Introductory Biology 2 (Major's level at UT)
BIOL1308*/1408BIO 302E Genetics and Genomics (formerly BIO 301L)

*BIOL 1308 from most colleges should satisfy Core Science at UT, EXCEPT FROM AustinCC

BIOL 1408 from most colleges should satisfy Core Science at UT. 

BIOL1309/1409BIO 302D Ecology and Evolution (formerly BIO 301M)

CHEM1311/1411CH 301 Principles of Chemistry 1 (Major's level at UT)
CHEM1312/1412CH 302 Principles of Chemistry 2 (Major's level at UT)
CHEM1305/1405CH 304K Chemistry in Context 1 (before fall 2021)
n/an/aCH 301N Chemistry in Our World 1 (as of fall 2021)
n/an/aCH 302N Chemistry in Our World 2 (as of fall 2021)
Computer ScienceCOSC1337C S 312 Intro to Programming

GEOG1301GRG 301C The Natural Environment
GEOL1347GRG 301K Weather and Climate

Geological Sciences

GEOL1403GEO 401 Physical Geology
GEOL1404GEO 405 Life Through Time
ENVR1301/1401GEO 302P Sustaining a Planet
Marine SciencesGEOL1345/1445MNS 307 Intro to Oceanography
NutritionBIOL1322NTR 306 Fundamentals of Nutrition


PHYS1301/1401PHY 302K Mechanics, Heat, and Sound
PHYS1302/1402PHY 302L Electricity and Magnetism, Light, Atomic and Nuclear Physics
PHYS2425PHY 303K Engineering Physics I
PHYS2426PHY 303L Engineering Physics 2
PHYS1305/1405PHY 309K Elementary Physics for Nontechnical Students
PHYS1307/1407PHY 309L Elementary Physics for Nontechnical Students
Theatre and DanceDRAM2361

T D 317C Theatre History Before 18th Century

Note: If you transfer in TD 317C from community college, you won't get the Global Cultures flag.

DRAM2362T D 317D Theatre History Since 18th Century