How to Read Course Numbers - Theatre and Dance Undergraduates

Example: HIS 315K, United States: 1492-1865

First part is departmental abbreviation:

  • HIS = History ( T D = Theatre and Dance )

Second part is a three-digit number:

  • First digit typically indicates # of credit hours, so HIS 315K is 3 hours of credit
  • Last two digits indicate the level of the course, so this is a lower-division course.

Note: Typically for T&D courses, the third number lets you know what type of class it is:

1 = General Topic (TD 311C, 351T)
2 = Dance (TD 302T, 222P, 352T)
3 = Acting/Directing (TD 313C, 323P, 353T)
4 = Design/Technology (TD 314P, 354T)
5 = Playwriting (TD 325, 355T)
6 = Theatre for Youth & Communities (TD 326P, 356T)
7 = History/Literature/Dramaturgy (TD 317C, 357T)
9 = Musical Theatre (109C, 329C)

A Letter may follow the three-digit number. This can indicate course sequence.

  • Example: HIS 315L picks up where HIS 315K leaves off and covers United States history since 1865.
  • Sometimes required to take courses in order; other times not. Please pay close attention to all prerequisites identified in the Course Schedule.