Automated Transfer Equivalency System Example - Theatre and Dance majors

After reviewing the current Core List, let's say you want to take the equivalent of HIS 315K (The United States, 1492-1865) at Austin Community College.

Step 1) Go to the ATE website:

  • Select “Search by the UT Austin Course Designation”
  • Select the sending institution “Austin Community College”
  • Select UT department “History”
  • Input UT course number “315K” (you can also leave this blank to see all options)
  • Select “Initiate UT Search”

Step 2) Look for the course equivalent (if any).

Texas Community College courses should be four letters and four numbers (HIST 1301).  

  • The first column shows you the UT course prefix and number “HIS 315K”.
  • The third and fourth columns show you the ACC prefix, number and title “HIST 1301 (U.S. History 1)”.

Step 3) Verify the course will transfer to UT and which degree requirement it satisfies by using the Student Planner on the Interactive Degree Audit.

  • Under the Transfer Courses tab, Select the school “Austin Community College”
  • Enter the semester and year
  • Select Search by "Transfer courses", then select Get Courses

Next page:

  • Select College area of study "HIST"
  • Enter the Course number "1301" (you can also leave this blank to see all options)
  • Select Matching exactly course number, then select Search

Next page:

  • Select the Course Title "U.S. HISTORY 1"

Next page:

You'll see the semester & course listed under the "Courses currently in your IDA Planner" section.  Repeat above steps for additional courses.

Now run your Degree Audit with the current, future & planned tabs selected.  

  • Verify the course is listed in the "CORE: 6 hours in U.S. history" section

Step 4) Check the ACC course schedule for “HIST 1301” options.

  • After you’ve completed the course, please send an official transcript from that institution to the UT Office of Admissions. 
    Courses in which grades lower than C− are earned do not transfer.  Grades from transfer credit (except UEX courses) are excluded from a student's UT Austin GPA computation.