Submission and Withdrawal Policy


Works submitted to Texas ScholarWorks (TSW) should fulfill the requirements outlined below. For instructions on how to submit works to TSW, please see the Help section or contact TSW staff.

  • Works must be produced or sponsored by University of Texas at Austin faculty, staff, or students. Submission of works produced by individual undergraduate students must be sponsored by a faculty member or department.
  • Works must be submitted to a Collection. Submitters need authorization to submit works to a Collection. For information on gaining authorization, please see How do I gain authorization to submit to Texas ScholarWorks? in our FAQs.
  • Works must reflect the nature of the Collection to which they are submitted. All submitted works may be reviewed by the Collection or Repository Curator. Please see the Collections Policy for more information.
  • Works must be in digital form. Although any digital format will be accepted, submission in a recommended file format is strongly encouraged to facilitate long-term preservation.
  • Works may be comprised of individual or multiple files, but each work must have at least one file associated with it. Metadata only records are not permitted. Individual files over approximately 700 MB in size may require staff assistance to upload. For submission of files larger than 700 MB, please contact the Repository Curator
  • Works should be ready for dissemination and copyright owners must be able to grant non-exclusive rights to distribute and preserve the works. Please note that copyright owners retain copyright; see the Copyright and Licensing Policy for more information.
  • Any audio or video content should have captions or an associated transcript to facilitate accessibility. Any text-based files should have searchable text or an associated text file and be accessible to screen reader software.
    • UTL aims to create and share documents that are accessible to anyone. We recognize that with hundreds of thousands of files uploaded by many different parties, there may be materials that don’t meet accessibility best practices. If you encounter any materials that are not accessible, please notify us at
  • Works may be submitted individually or in batches of at least 100 items. Batch loads require special programming and scheduling. For batch submissions, please contact the Repository Curator.


  • TSW reserves the right to withdraw a work that is libelous, an invasion of privacy, infringes upon copyright, contains a virus, or that does not reflect the nature of the Collection to which the work was submitted.
  • When a withdrawal request is received, the Repository Curator will temporarily restrict access to the work and will notify the submitter whenever possible. If it is found that copyright was violated, or the work is libelous or constitutes an invasion of privacy, the work will be withdrawn.
  • If withdrawal is requested due to a virus, the Repository Curator will immediately withdraw the item from public view and attempt to contact the original submitter. The submitter will have five business days to respond to the request for a replacement file. If the Repository Curator has not gotten a response within five days, the infected file will be permanently deleted.
  • Requests for withdrawal must be directed to the Repository Curator. After a review of the request, the Repository Curator will contact the requestor to let them know a work has been withdrawn, or, if withdrawal is not appropriate, to let the requestor know the reason(s) withdrawal was not completed. Requests for withdrawing dissertations must be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies. See FAQs for ETDs for more information.
  • The non-exclusive submission agreement preserves the creator's right to submit additional copies elsewhere. Works may not be withdrawn because a submitter and/or creator leaves the University of Texas at Austin.