Room Reservation Online Booking System Guide

This is a quick guide to the room reservation online booking system (OBS). See the department Room Reservation page for information on available spaces and policies. For questions about room reservations or polices, or if you are unable to access a reserved space, send an email to

The initial screen has options for Single Day, Multiple Days and Recurring reservations. The default searches availability of all the spaces in the group or can click the Spaces dropdown menu to select one or more specific spaces.

 Initial Search Screen Image

Refine your search or click the Request Space button to add the space to your reservation request.

 Search Results Image

Click Continue

Enter the Event Details. Put none for the IDT Account #.

 Event Details Image

Select the Not at this time button  when prompted to order items. This takes you directly to the check out screen.

NOTE: This step is skipped if the Not at this time button is selected on the ordering items image above.

If the Yes, I want to order items button is selected, it takes you back to the initial search screen.

Click on the shopping cart icon to return to the reservation request.

Click the Continue button

 Cart Summary Image

Click the Check Out button on the Event Details Summary screen to complete the reservation. You should receive an email confirmation.

 Event Confirmation Image