Program Content Style Guide

  1. Bios should be written in third-person tense.

  2. The Department of Theatre and Dance does not allow shout-outs, inappropriate language or unrelated content. Bios should be professional and straight-forward.

  3. Please include preferred pronouns where applicable.

  4. The University of Texas at Austin style does not allow the use of the Oxford comma

  5. While many areas may have unique internal titles, only the following degree program titles approved for the UT curriculum can be used in Texas Theatre and Dance programs. If you have questions, please direct inquiries to Sydney Pattillo ( Options are:
    1. B.F.A. in Acting major
    2. B.A. in Theatre and Dance major with an emphasis in [choose whatever is applicable]:
      1. dance performance and choreography
      2. design and technology
      3. history, literature and dramaturgy
      4. performer's process
      5. playwriting and directing
      6. stage management
      7. theatre for youth and communities
    3. B.F.A. in Dance major
    4. UTeach Dance major
    5. UTeach Theatre major
    6. M.F.A. in Dance
    7. M.F.A. in Theatre ([choose whatever is applicable]) candidate:
      1. costume design
      2. costume technology
      3. integrated media for live performance
      4. lighting design
      5. scene design
    8. M.F.A. in Theatre candidate with a specialization in directing
    9. M.F.A. in Theatre candidate with a specialization in drama and theatre for youth and communities
    10. M.F.A. in Theatre candidate with a specialization in playwriting
    11. M.A., M.F.A. or Ph.D. in Theatre candidate with a specialization in performance as public practice

  6. Avoid designations like “freshman,” “sophomore,” etc., in favor of “first-year,” “second-year,” etc.

  7. When listing recent credits, following this formula is desirable: “Recent credits include the role(s) of “Character Name” in Title of Show (Name of Producing Entity, Year), etc.”
    1. When included, character names should always appear in quotations marks.
    2. Since production titles cannot be italicized in Qualtrics, please write all titles in capital letters. 
    3. For past UTNT productions, please use the following formula: Three Shitty Sons (UTNT (UT New Theatre), 2018).

  8. Please confirm the correct name of the producing entity for all productions you list in your bio, including arts organizations, entities and/or universities.

  9. If you include any acronyms, please spell out the full title or phrase.

  10. If you refer to The University of Texas at all in your bio, it should first appear as “The University of Texas at Austin.” You may thereafter use the abbreviation “UT.”

  11. The Department may be referred to either as "the Department of Theatre and Dance" or "Texas Theatre and Dance."

Example Bio: Christian Henley (Character Name) is a B.F.A. in Acting major at The University of Texas at Austin. She has an extensive background in both dance and acting. Recent credits with Texas Theatre and Dance include In the HeightsFame the Musical and In the Red and Brown Water, in addition to multiple projects as part of The Cohen New Works Festival.