Digital Fabrication Subscription


This Subscription grants access to our Digital Fabrication equipment:

  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Knife
  • CNC Router
  • Laser Cutters
  • Robots

All students enrolled in a design studio* listed below during the Fall ad Spring semesters are charged for this Subscription unless that student submits an opt-out survey before the twelfth class day. This survey is sent to the students after studio lottery. Students may subscribe early to access these Services prior to the automatic subscription process. Students not enrolled in a design studio aren't charged for this Subscription automatically and don't need to submit an opt-out survey. Any student who wishes to subscribe can do so at any point in the semester.

Subscription Cost






  • The subscription will be billed to your What-I-Owe account
  • There is no pro-ration on the cost of the subscription if you decide to join later in the semester
  • The use of the equipment is not available at an hourly rate
  • Group work is billed per user of the equipment; no 'sharing' a subscription and this applies to research projects
  • Fabrication work done in service of research projects will be billed to the appropriate UT accounts before users will be allowed to access equipment
  • Foam bits for the CNC Router & 10mm round point bits for the CNC Knife are included in the fabrication subscription and are available for checkout from the Tech Desk
    • Bits broken by the user due to misuse will be charged the full amount of the bit to their WIO

Design Studios*

These are the only studios that are automatically enrolled in the subscription. If you aren't enrolled in one of these studios, you do not need to complete a survey.


  • Advanced
  • Design III
  • Design III Interiors (beginning Fall 2024)
  • Design V
  • Design V Interiors (beginning Fall 2024)
  • ID Core Studio I (beginning Fall 2024)
  • ID Core Studio III (beginning Fall 2024)
  • Integrative
  • Vertical


  • Advanced
  • Comprehensive
  • Design II
  • Design II Interiors
  • Design IV
  • Design IV Interiors
  • Design VI Interiors
  • Horizontal
  • ID Core Studio II
  • Technical Studio