UT Print is a convenient way to print, copy, and scan documents at locations all over campus, including most residence halls and UT Libraries. University of Texas of Austin students pay for UT Print services with Bevo Pay. You can check your balance here after you login, look in the bottom-left box.

This service is managed by ITS. The printers are ours, but the service that runs printing, scanning, and copying is ITS. For support, please e-mail


  • Submit print jobs from participating lab locations on campus, your personal computer, through the website, or email, or the mobile app
  • Print on-demand at any UT Print printer on campus, or at any UT Libraries printing facility
  • Print black & white or color at select locations
  • Pay for print jobs using My Library Print Funds or Bevo Pay
  • Copy (for a per-page fee) and scan-to-email services (free) are available at all UT Print locations
  • Reduce waste by eliminating banner pages, utilizing duplex printing, and deleting unwanted jobs

UT Print

Note: All submission methods, with the exception of email, require access to the UT network – either by being on campus or via a VPN connection.



Costs are for prints or copies. Simplex printing (one-sided) is one page on one sheet. Duplex printing (two-sided) is two pages on one sheet. There is a slight discount for duplex printing. 

  • 8.5x11 b/w : $0.10/page
  • 8.5x11 color: $0.40/page
  • 11x17 b/w : $0.20/page
  • 11x17 color : $0.50/page
  • scan to email: free


Send email to with the following information:

  • Number of Pages
  • Single/Double Sided                   
  • Color or Black & White
  • Page Size
  • Date of the issue
  • Location of the issue
  • Your UT EID
  • Amount of expected refund

Best Practice

  • Students should not leave prints behind to prevent lost prints. Any prints left behind should be recycled. Due to the speed of the new system, there should be no reason to leave prints behind unless there are known issues with the printers.
  • We ask that all prints be submitted as a PDF, although this is not a rule and is more critical for plotting. InDesign and Photoshop files are not advised ever as they frequently have errors in printing.



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