Classrooms (ASE 1.124, 1.126, 2.134)

The classrooms have dual projectors, HDMI connection, AirMedia, doc cam, a podium computer with a webcam on the podium monitor, and lavalier lapel microphone.

The ASE 1.126 classroom also has a handheld microphone.

NOTE: The room web conference camera and microphones are connected to the podium computer

Laptops and mobile devices can connect to the projectors using either the HDMI connection or AirMedia wireless option.

  • Use the console to control the room AV.  If screen is blank, tap screen to wake it up.

     AV Console Image

  • The default option is to display the podium computer on both screens
  • The advanced video options allows separate control of each projector
  • Use the mouse to wake the computer screen
  • Logon using your UT EID

     Computer Selected Image

  • In the video conferencing software, select Crestron as the output device
    • In ASE 1.124 and 2.134, select Scarlett 2i2 USB for the lapel mic
    • In ASE 1.126, select TesiraFORTE for the lapel or handheld mic

  • To display from a laptop or tablet connect the HDMI cable to the device. If necessary use one of the items on the HDMI adapter ring.
  • Select Display HDMI to send to both screens.

     HDMI Selected Image

  • Select Display AirMedia to send to both screens

     AirMedia Selected Image

  • Select Display Doc Cam to send to both screens

     Doc Cam Selected Image

  • Select Doc Cam Control from the bottom toolbar to access doc cam controls
  • select ← button to return to main screen

     Doc Cam Controls Image

  • Select End on the control toolbar to turn off the projectors and raise screen

     Control Toolbar Image

  • Select Yes to turn off AV system

     System Off Image

Advanced Video

The advanced video option allows separate control of each projector.

  • Select Advanced Video on the control toolbar

     Advanced Video Icon Image

  • Choose the video source to send to each projector
  • Turning a projector off will raise the corresponding screen. Turning on lowers the screen.

     Advanced Video Controls Image