Team Rooms (ASE 3.204, 4.202, 5.206)

The Team Rooms have a 65" wall display, an AV control console, AirMedia and a Meeting Owl web conference camera.

  • Use the console on the table to turn the display on/off and select the video input.
  • NOTE: If console is on (power button lit) and wall display is off, press the power button twice to turn console off then back on

Power button for turning display on & off

Select HDMI connection input

Select AirMedia wireless connectivity

HDMI Connection Info

After turning on the display, connect the HDMI cable to laptop. If necessary use one of the items on the HDMI adapter ring.

Crestron AirMedia Info

See the AirMedia information page.

Meeting Owl Info

The Meeting Owl has a 360° camera that automatically focuses on the speaker, 8 omnidirectional microphones, and a 360° speaker.