Understanding WIO Charges

Itemized List

  1. Sign in with your EID to access your What I Owe account.

  2. On the home screen you will see a box that shows basic charge information.

  3. To see a detailed view of your charges click the $value under "Total Amount" as highlighted below.

  4. Your detailed view will show an itemized list such as the example here. This is what TRIG needs a screenshot of if you have questions about charges.

Description of Charges

An itemized list of plot jobs will be emailed to the students' EID-based e-mail address of record* weekly on Wednesdays; the subject of these e-mails includes the text "What-I-Plotted Report" along with your EID and the statement date. All other charges will be invoiced via Patron Portal; when these charges have been submitted to WIO, they will be marked as "Journaled." Charges are sent to WIO every week by end of business on Friday. Charge disputes may be submitted to our full-time team at trig@utexas.edu. 

REV (along with any of the below)**

This indicates a reversed charge/refund. Example: the image above denotes that the student's Total Amount Due ($166.01) includes their Digital Fabrication Subscription billed on 5/25/22 ($50), SOA Lab Printing billed on 5/1/22 ($31.92), and SOA Lab Printing billed and corrected on 5/16/22 ($224.83 - $140.74 = $84.09).


All students enrolled in a design studio are charged for this subscription unless that student submits an opt-out survey. Students can also subscribe later in the semester. Please see all the information for this charge on the Digital Fabrication Subscription page.


This charge means you Plotted. Plotting rates can be found here: Plotting Costs & Estimates.


Fines are described in more detail on the Item Checkout Policies and Laser Cutting Policies pages.


Purchase charges are typically 3D prints, Rhino licenses, or other items for sale listed here.


Sales tax is charged on items such as 3D prints, Rhino licenses, or other items for sale listed here at 8.25%.

*The EID-based e-mail address of record refers to the address used for Single-Sign-On across campus. The format is studentEID@eid.utexas.edu. This address forwards to the e-mail address listed on the student's official contact information. Students can update their official contact information via UTDirect.

**If the Total Amount Due is paid before a discrepancy is Reversed, the note below from Student Accounts Receivable describes the refund process:

Once the funds have been put into the overpayment account, it will take 15 days from the effective date to then get disbursed to the student. Refunds are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays overnight, so they should see the funds that next day on Where’s My Check on how it was sent out. Either by direct deposit to their bank or a check mailed to the address listed on file. These overpayments will only get disbursed directly to the student if the student doesn’t have any other debt on their account. If they do, then the overpayment will pay those debts first before going to the student.