BYOD Wireless Presentation

Moody College of Communication classrooms, conferences rooms, and presentation rooms are being setup with a wireless presentation system designed to create a collaborative environment where anybody in the room can mirror their personal device onto the screen in the room.  Built upon an always on AppleTV infrastructure, the system provides out of the box support for all modern Apple devices.  Windows laptops are supported with the use of 3rd party software.  Some Android devices are also supported using 3rd party software.  This page provides a general overview of the system as it is deployed.  For specific instructions on how to use the advanced breakout presentation system in DMC 3.208, please follow these advanced directions. BYOD Instructions for DMC 3.208

The addition of this wireless presentation capability allows us, for the first time, to use Presenter Notes when giving PowerPoint or Keynote presentations from the built in computer using the Mac OS.  If you wish to use this feature, follow the directions found here.  Presenter Notes using the Wireless Presentation system.

You will use the Crestron touch panel to select the correct input in order to use the BYOD Wireless Presentation system.  On the main screen of the Crestron Panel select LAPTOP or Auxiliary Input as your source, then choose the Wireless Presentation option.


When the display shows an image like the one below, you are ready to connect your device for wireless presentation.

Follow the specific step by step instructions for connecting your device to the BYOD system.

Be sure to disconnect from the system when you are finished and before you leave the room.  Failure to do so can result in your device continuing to display on the screen as well as preventing others from connecting to the system.

If you have any trouble with the BYOD system please contact Technology Service at 512-471-1199 for assistance.