Business Contracts

Only select employees have signature authority to sign contracts, agreements, or purchase orders on behalf of The University of Texas at Austin. Contracts and agreement must comply with procurement procedures, and must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate institutional office prior to execution.  No University employee, other than those with designated signature authority may sign agreements on behalf of The University.

When a full contract is required instead of a Purchase Order:

  • Multiple-year agreements
  • Foreign Individuals (vendor doesn’t have a U.S. tax ID)
  • Videographers
  • When signature required
  • Revenue generating agreements
  • Zero dollar agreements, MOUs
  • Software, software as a service (SaaS), technology
  • Whenever the vendor or contractor requires the University to agree to any terms and conditions
  • Recording a speaker/guest lecturer at an in-person event

Procedures for Submitting Business Contracts for Review, Approval, and Execution

1) Develop a contract that contains sufficient information to ensure your department receives the service or deliverable it is anticipating. The use of a Standard Business Agreement Templates and Forms will expedite the review and approval process. A contract a vendor provides can suffice but is not preferred.

2) Gather required supporting documentation when needed. Examples:

3) Submit contract and supporting documentation to UT Business Contracts Office (BCO) for review/signatures.

  • Use Contracts+ in UT Markets for units who have access 
  • Units who don't have access will use Contracts Submission Form, located on Business Affairs Forms Page

Standard Contract Processing Time

Type of Contract

Processing time from receipt of all required documentation

UT template (no changes, no special handling)

Signed by University within 10 business days

UT template, with changes (no special handling)

Signed by University within 10-12 business days

Vendor Contract (no special handling)

Signed by University within 15 business days

Special Handling Contracts

Affiliation agreement (UT template, no changes)

10—15 business days

Affiliation agreement (not on UT template)

3-5 weeks

UT template agreements over $1 million

3-5 weeks (require President signature)

Non-template agreements over $1 million

4-7 weeks (require President signature)

Software, with governing master agreement in place

10-15 business days

Software, no governing master agreement

3-5 week minimum

Foreign Agreements (non-governmental entity; on UT template with no changes)

10-15 business days

Foreign Agreements (non-governmental entity, non-UT template)

1 month minimum

Foreign Agreements (governmental entity)

Up to 6 months (require Board approval)

Agreements over $5 million

Up to 6 months (require Board approval


Business Contracts Office Website

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