A co-sponsorship is funding for a specific event or function, that is planned, hosted, and sponsored by an external organization or student group, where The University of Texas at Austin participates in the event, receives a benefit, and recognition for the co-sponsorship. Because the Dean is being asked to approve the use of funds, this form needs to be signed before the event takes place. As of February 1, 2024, any form submitted after an event takes place will be denied. Additionally, this form should have the Dean’s signature prior to processing a payment on a VP2. More information on co-sponsorships can be found in HBP Part 9.1.10.


Listed below are links to each form type. Please attach all backup documentation using the attach (paperclip) icon in DocuSign.

Fields for Dean's Signature Form

Listed below are brief explanations regarding each field of the form. These fields should be filled out as fully as possible to ensure that reviewers are able to understand the event, who is hosting, and how the funds will support it.

Field 1: Please provide the name of the unit that is providing the funding for this co-sponsorship.

Field 2: Please provide the name of the unit or organization that will be receiving the funding of this co-sponsorship. This will allow our reviewers to more clearly understand this request.

Field 3: Include information about what the event or function is and how funds will be used to support it. If more context is required for the reviewers to better understand what this event is, you are welcome to attach a flyer or email chain that describes the event in more detail. If you have an invoice or estimate of the cost the co-sponsorship will cover, that may also be attached. If in doubt, please attach all information regarding this event or function so that the reviewers can get a clear a picture as possible. 

Field 4: List the date(s) of the event or function.

Field 5: Describe the benefit to the University for sponsoring the event or function and how University affiliated individuals will participate. List out the University affiliated individuals in this field. University affiliates include faculty, staff, and students. Please include as much information as possible when describing how these individuals will participate in the event or function. If more space is needed, you are welcome to upload additional attachments that provides further context. 

Field 6: Indicate how the University will be recognized for contribution to the event (e.g., verbal recognition at opening or closing remarks of a talk or conference, written thanks in an acknowledgment section of a poster or report the event contributed to).

Field 7: Please provide the account number(s) that will be used to create the VP2. In this field you should include the account numbers(s) used to fund the event and, if necessary, cost-sharing plans or percentages between the accounts by uploading an attachment with this information.

Co-Sponsorships with Student Organizations

Knowing the difference between student organization types: 

If the student group you are co-sponsoring uses an external bank account, they can reach out to Krista Hadavi (, Assistant Vice President of FAS Business Services and Chief Business Officer or Lori Peterson (, Executive Director and Controller, Office of Accounting to get more information on how best to receive their co-sponsorship funds.