Disallowed Purchases

The following is a list of College of Liberal Arts policies regarding purchases and reimbursement. Please review them carefully and share this information with staff, students and faculty.

 No reimbursements for office supplies purchased with personal funds will be approved. Supplies may only be purchased through UT Market or by using the procard at Office Depot/Office Max brick-and-mortar locations.

 No state sales tax will be allowed on direct payments for the following types of transactions:

          • Food being delivered for any occasion
          • Food take out for any occasion
          • Grocery store purchases
          • Goods including (but not limited to): books, subscriptions, copies

 No sales tax (from any state) will be allowed on reimbursements (except dine-in entertainment expenses).

A tax-exempt form must be presented to the vendor for these types of transactions. State sales tax and mixed beverage tax can only be reimbursed for business meals which take place at the establishment.  Please see HBP 9.1.1 and 9.1.2 for more information.

 No reimbursements for purchases made using gift cards or reward points will be approved.

 No reimbursements for furniture or equipment using personal funds will be approved.

 No receipts over 60 days old will be reimbursed.

 No reimbursements or payments for employee parking on the same campus as the place of employment will be approved. For example, if the employee works on the main UT Austin campus, reimbursement for parking, payment of monthly parking fees, or use of pre-paid parking cards will not be allowed.  If the employee attends a meeting at UT System or at the Pickle Campus, parking may be reimbursed. 

• Non-tech equipment and decorative Items for private office use may not be purchased with university funds. For example, a coffee maker for individual use in a private office may not be purchased using UT money.