System Training and Resources

College of Liberal Arts staff have collected a myriad of resources regarding college-level and university-wide systems and processes for business operations. Links to the various resources and available trainings can be found below.

General Training and Policy Resources:

  • AFM Trainings – lists trainings by category.
  • askUS – is a searchable database of FAQs on systems and processes hosted by eBITS. This is a great place to search topics. If the question you have is not in this system, you can submit the question directly to the staff that manage this database to receive further assistance.
  • Handbook Of Operating Procedures (HOP)
  • Handbook of Business Procedures (HBP)
  • UTLearn – is a learning management system for UT employees. Topics vary.

Internal Systems:

  • *DEFINE – is a program in the Mainframe through which vouchers are processed, whether they be payments, reimbursements, or travel requests.
 Click here for *Define Access and Training Info
  • FRMS – Financial Resource Management System
 Click here for FRMS Info
  • Procurement – is the landing page for access to the various systems used to make purchases.
  • PointPlus –  is used to create and submit Purchase Orders. POs are used to encumber funds to ensure that they will be reserved and used for their intended purchase. 
  • UT Market –  is used to order office supplies, computers, etc. UT Market should be your first check when ordering, and they use direct billing. 
  • eShip Global - is used to create package shipping labels.
  • Scholarship award system - is used to create scholarship payment documents for students.
  • Help page for FRMS.

External Systems used at UT:

  • DocuSign – This software can be used to obtain electronic signatures on documentation from 1 or more parties.
    • To access to DocuSign, you should reach out to your unit’s DocuSign Unit Contact (DUC). You can look up your DUC through the Organizational Hierarchy System’s (OHS) Contact System.
    • Training resources for DocuSign can be found here.
  • Qualtrics – This software is often used for data collection. Common formats are surveys, questionnaires, RSVPs, assessments, etc.
  • UTBox  – is a cloud-based storage system used by UT employees. This is to ensure that all your work is backed up and can be easily accessed and shared when needed.
    • Tip: save everything, delete nothing
  • Workday  – is the human resource management system. This is where you will submit timesheets, review paystubs, etc.

Helpful Offices:


  • Computer Purchasing – is a guide for making computer purchases.
  • Computer Surplus Requests – LAITS surplus can take any old and no longer usable computers/ technology.
  • Computer Support – is where you can request support when dealing with computer issues.
  • Webinar License Access – can be used when hosting virtual events with larger audiences (100+). To host a webinar, you must reserve a webinar license through LAITS.
  • Wiki page – LAITS has their own wiki page which can be used as a reference when you need more information on their resources and processes.
    • Contact Information - For computer support you can reach LAITS via phone at 512-471-5000 or via chat by clicking here


  • ServiceNow –  submit an AskUs question, search self-help articles, manage your UTEID, submit a ticket  to update a caller ID, change or reset a voicemail box.


  • WORQS – This is the work order request system. A guide for submitting a WORQS request can be downloaded here. This system is where you can submit requests to facilities (and custodial services) for repairs, additional cleanings, assistance with building or moving furniture, etc.
 Types of Requests

Types of requests available include:

  • Report an Issue
    • Example reports include when restrooms are out of paper towels, toilet paper, or hand soap, when a door is not functioning properly, when the ADA buttons are not responding, etc.
  • Request a Service
    • Example services include repairs required for sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, etc., requesting extra cleanings for a space outside of the cleaning schedule, additional carpet cleanings, etc.
  • CRIB Request (Construct, Renovate, Install, or Build)
    • Example requests include painting projects, electrical projects, hanging items on walls, fixing an issue with flooring, etc.
  • Move Request
    • These can be as simple as moving one office to another in the same building or can be moving between buildings.
  • Event Request
    • This form includes custodial work orders (required for Glickman), requesting additional tables, linens, trash cans, etc. for events and having furniture moved rearranged in a room by facilities.
  • Surplus Request
    • Note: If you do not have a timeline for when surplus items are picked up, this service is free. However, if you need the pick-up completed within a certain timeframe, that will incur a cost.

Emily Watson, Senior Training Coordinator, works with Senior Staff in the College to onboard and provide on-going training opportunities. She can assist with system access as part of onboarding for staff. Include your name, unit, and EID when reaching out: