How to Apply for a Minor or Certificate - Theatre & Dance Majors

How many hours are required for a Minor or Certificate?

Minors in all areas except foreign languages are 15-18 hours and Minors in foreign languages are 15-21 hours.  Certificates are 18-24 hours total.

Where can I see a list of Minors and/or Certificates?

Check out the list of Minors and Certificates available for those under the 2016-2018 or newer undergraduate catalogs.  

Does the College of Fine Arts offer a Minor or Certificate?

Yes, please review the options online.  

How do I apply to add a Minor or Certificate?

You may apply online. 

    • Some Minors are auto-approved while others will require prerequisite courses, a specific UT GPA and/or a separate departmental application & review.  
      • New students should wait until they have a UT GPA before applying to add a Minor.

    • Once you add a Minor, your estimated degree progress percentage will potentially decrease, which may affect the registration time for the next semester.  So, you should wait to add a Minor until after the 20th day of classes in fall or spring semesters.  You might be able to estimate degree progress by running a Degree Audit with the intended Minor.
    • Some Minors are only available to those beginning with a specific catalog year.  You'll see this listed under the "Begin Semester" column. If begin semester is:
      • Fall 2016, then students under the 2016-2018 or newer undergraduate catalogs are eligible.
      • Fall 2018, then students under the 2018-2020 or newer undergraduate catalogs are eligible.
      • Fall 2020, then students under the 2020-2022 or newer undergraduate catalogs are eligible.
      • Fall 2022, then students under the 2022-2024 or newer undergraduate catalogs are eligible.

After I apply, what do I do?

After you receive a Secure Academic Note notifying you that you’re approved to add a Minor/Certificate, please list it on your Registration Advising Sheet.  If you already submitted your RAS, please let me know during your advising session.  

If it's not currently time for registration advising, you may ask Mark-Anthony to complete the process.  Please include your EID in your email.

How do I remove a Minor or Certificate?

If the minor/certificate is attached to your Theatre and Dance degree profile, contact Mark-Anthony to help you with this request.  Please include the name of the minor/certificate & your EID in your email.  

If it's attached to your other major, please contact that Advisor for assistance.  

Can I have more than one Minor or Certificate? 


What are some Minors/Certificates that other Theatre and Dance majors have pursued?  

Arts Management and Administration Minor,  Bridging Disciplines Certificate,  Business Minor,  Communication Studies Minor,  Creative Writing Certificate,  Educational Psychology Minor,  Liberal Arts Minors/Certificates,  Kinesiology & Health Education Minor,  Pre-Health Professions Certificate,  RTF Media Studies or Media & Entertainment Industries Minor.

Can a Minor/Certificate course also satisfy Core or Major requirements? 

Yes, at least nine of the hours required for the Minor must include coursework not used to satisfy the requirements of the student’s major.  However, courses in the Minor may fulfill other degree requirements such as general education requirements or required elective hours.

At least one Certificate course must be outside the requirements of the major.  However, Certificate courses outside the major may be counted toward other degree requirements.

May I take FA 371 for the Arts Management & Administration Minor?

Only students under the 2018-2020 and newer Undergraduate Catalogs may take FA 371 for the Fine Arts elective.

Did the requirements for the Arts Management & Administration Minor change for the 2020-2022 catalog?

Yes, students under the 2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog have slightly different requirements that allows for more flexibility.  

2018-20202020-2022 or newer
F A 340 Fine Arts Internship
F A 362 Foundations of Arts Management
ACC 310F Foundations of AccountingThree of the following courses, of which at least one must be F A:
F A 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369, 370, or 371; ACC 310F, MAN 320F or 336; MKT 320F or 337; FIN 320F or 357; LEB 320F or 323; I B 320F or 350
Three hours chosen from F A 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369, 370, or 371
Three hours chosen from MAN 320F or 336; MKT 320F or 337; FIN 320F or 357; LEB 320F or 323; I B 320F or 350