Time Conflict Override - Theatre and Dance Undergraduates

For T&D undergraduates wanting to add a T D course that slightly overlaps with another course.  

This option should be used sparingly, so students are encouraged to find alternate courses that will not be a time conflict.

Seek permission by emailing the instructor of the T D course to be added.
    • T&D Faculty Directory   |  University Directory

    • Receiving consent does not guarantee placement into reserved/closed/waitlisted classes.
      Course prerequisites, Over hours requests and Restriction guidelines are still applicable.  

Register for the first course.

    • If you have one T&D and one non-T&D course, always add the NON-T&D course first.

Download the Time Conflict Override.pdf and fill in your name, EID, semester, year & signature.

    • In the "Classes with meeting times in conflict" section on the bottom:
      • Fill in unique #, course prefix & course number of course you're ALREADY enrolled in on TOP part (12345, ALD 322). No signature needed.

      • Fill in unique #, course prefix & course number of the T D course you want to ADD on BOTTOM part (54321, T D 222P). Mark-Anthony will sign here later.

Save As:  Last Name, First Name Time Conflict Override Semester Year (Fall / Spring 202X)

    • (ex: Menzel, Idina Time Conflict Override Spring 2024.pdf )

Forward the instructor permission email, the completed PDF and the information listed below to Mark-Anthony

    • Subject line: Change the subject line to Time Conflict Override

      * Your First & Last Name 
      * Your EID

Mark-Anthony will email the form to the Office of the Registrar, during active registration times, and they will add the course, if there are no errors.

  • Mark-Anthony will email you when your form was sent.

  • Please check your class schedule in the next few business days to verify the course has been added. 

  • Questions about the status of your request should be directed to the Office of the Registrar